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11th Anniversary Celebration

December 3, 2005
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Frank and Derya Creek
Writer and former Congressional candidate Frank Creel and his daughter Derya Slivka talk with Joe Sobran. Dr. Creel gave an eloquent introduction of Joe at the lunch.
Michael Peroutka, Padraic Walsh, Howard Phillips
(Left to right) Former presidential candidate Michael Peroutka, Charter Subscriber Padraic Walsh, and former presidential candidate and founder of the Conservative Caucus Howard Phillips

Dale Crowley
Christian radio broadcaster
Dale Crowley Jr. greets Joe.

William von Raab and Taki Theodoracopulos
Former commissioner of customs in the Reagan administration, William von Raab (left), and Taki Theodoracopulos, founding editor of The American Conservative (right), chat with Joe Sobran.

Molineauxes, Singleton, Sniegoski
(Left to right) Diane Molineaux; Norm Singleton, legislative director for Congressman Ron Paul; Stephen Sniegoski, Ph.D., historian and Iraq war author; and Paul Molineaux

Neff, O'Keefe, Gemma
(Left to right) Ronald N. Neff, managing editor of SOBRANS, chats with editor and writer Ted O’Keefe and political activist and writer Peter B. Gemma.

Maike Buss
Maike Buss, Ph.D., of Germany, chats with Joe.

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