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Otto Scott,1919–2006
by Phillipa Scott-Girardi

(Originally published in SOBRANS, April-May 2006, page 12)

photograph of Otto Scottparagraph indentation for Otto Scott obitOtto Joseph Scott, born Otto Scott-Estrella Jr., age 87, passed away peacefully on May 5, 2006, in Issaquah, Washington. Mr. Otto Scott was a journalist, editor, columnist, book reviewer, corporate executive, and author of ten books: The Exception: The Story of Ashland Oil and Refining Company; James I: The Fool As King; The Creative Ordeal: The Story of Raytheon; Robespierre: The Fool As Revolutionary; The Secret Six: John Brown and the Abolitionists; The Professional: A Biography of JB Saunders; The Other End of the Lifeboat; The Great Christian Revolution: How Christianity Transformed the World; Buried Treasure: The Story of Arch Mineral Corporation; and The Powered Hand: The History of Black & Decker. His articles and essays have appeared in numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union, San Diego Tribune, Chronicles, Salisbury Review (London), Conservative Digest, Human Events, Tabletalk, Chalcedon Report, Southern Partisan, and Imprimis.

paragraph indentation for Otto Scott obitMr. Scott was an Associate Scholar for the American Council on Economics and Society, and a member of the Council on National Policy, Philadelphia Society, Committee for Monetary Research and Education, the Author’s Guild, and the Overseas Press Club. He is the recipient of the George Washington Medal from the Freedom Foundation (1976) and the John Newman Edwards Media Award (1994).

paragraph indentation for Otto Scott obitFrom 1998 to 2004, Mr. Scott was a “scholar in residence" at the Tri-City Covenant Church in Somersworth, New Hampshire, where he provided historical insight to the school and church staff and assisted in Sunday School instruction, high-school history, and Bible and economics courses.

paragraph indentation for Otto Scott obitJohn Chamberlain, writing in The Freeman stated, “From a libertarian point of view, Otto Scott is America’s most exciting contemporary historian and biographer.” The Wall Street Journal said, “Otto Scott is the thinking man’s author for the Bicentennial.” And Dr. Hans Sennholz, past president of the Foundation for Economic Education says, “Without Otto Scott’s Compass, this Foundation would be devoid of an important philosophical guide.”

paragraph indentation for Otto Scott obitMr. Scott is one of a great many Americans who are well-known to a special audience, but unknown to the nation at large. His ideas and concepts have had a way of filtering through society, very often detached from their origin. The phrase the Silent Majority is one such example. But not many know that this phrase was coined by Otto Scott.

paragraph indentation for Otto Scott obitWhile Mr. Scott made a living from his corporate biographies, his fame was achieved from his thorough knowledge of history and poetic use of language. Mr. Scott was also the author of Otto Scott’s Compass, a monthly journal of contemporary culture which ran for 15 years and was widely read by well-known conservatives.

paragraph indentation for Otto Scott obitThough his work has proceeded without fanfare, it had not gone unnoticed. Of the past, he has commented, “I do not regard the past as dead. On the contrary, I regard the past and the present and even the future as part of an eternal reality. Ours are the same tests and crises that our fathers and forefathers encountered: all I do is remind my contemporaries that Eternity watches us forever.”

paragraph indentation for Otto Scott obitOtto is survived by his daughters, Katherine Anne Scott-Estrella, residing in Tucson, Arizona; Mary Nazelle Crispo, residing in Brooklyn, New York, grandson Alexander Widen; Phillipa Scott-Girardi (Stephen Girardi), residing in South Orange, New Jersey, grandsons Gabriel Molina and Matthew Girardi; and Ann Elizabeth Scott-Hugli (Hans A. Hugli), residing in Sammamish, Washington, grandchildren, Roxane Sri Hugli and Alexander Philip Hugli. Otto Scott was preceded in death by his wife of 34 years, Anna Barney Scott, in August 1997.

paragraph indentation for Otto Scott obitOtto Scott is buried at Gethsemane Catholic Cemetery, Federal Way, Washington.

Phillipa Scott-Girardi is an international management consultant based in South Orange, New Jersey.
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