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Publisher’s Note

(Reprinted from SOBRANS, Fall, page 2)
Dear Friends,

indent for 'pubnote'It is with sadness that I have compiled this last issue of the print edition of SOBRANS.

This is the Publisher's Note for the final issue of Sobran'sindent for 'pubnote'By now you have seen in Joe’s letter, beginning on page one, that economic necessity and his health issues are compelling us to end the printed version of SOBRANS. Despite some very generous donations over the past few months, we simply cannot justify the continued expense of printing and mailing a monthly newsletter.

indent for 'pubnote'The good news is that we will continue the Sobran E-Package, now called the FGF E-Package, which includes his articles sent by e-mail to your computer (or the computer at your library or your grandson’s computer). And Joe Sobran will still have a presence on the Web.

indent for 'pubnote'As Joe mentioned, he has given the rights of his main opus to the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation (FGF), a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization that now is entrusted, I might say obligated, to keep the wit and wisdom of Joe Sobran in the public view. We are planning several collections of his work and will keep you posted.

indent for 'pubnote'All print subscribers are entitled to immediately switch to the FGF E-Package and have the balance of their print subscription be fulfilled by Latin Mass, Chronicles, The American Conservative, or Culture Wars magazines. Please see the enclosure. Make sure to give us your e-mail address (or that of a relative or friend if you don’t have one) so you can continue to get Joe’s work by e-mail.

indent for 'pubnote'I want to thank the Lay Dominicans in New Hope, Kentucky, for their professionalism, consistently excellent quality — and in being so patient in waiting for payments from us for printing the newsletter. Ronald Neff, who was with SOBRANS at the beginning through last September, continually provided us excellent editing and proofreading services — and great advice. And Susan Roberson, the office manager, bookkeeper, and subscription services director, efficiently, and cheerfully handled all subscription processing and problems from 1994 to the present.

indent for 'pubnote'Over the next few months, we will be winding down and trying to figure out what to do with 13 years of back issues. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

indent for 'pubnote'I ask for your prayers for the success of the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation’s efforts to promote Joe’s articles and compile them into a series of collections. But also I ask for prayers for Joe’s spiritual and physical health as he enters a new phase of his life. May his faith and relationship with Our Lord deepen and sustain him in good times and in bad.

indent for 'pubnote'You will remain in my prayers as we strive to promulgate Joe’s writing through the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation. I hope you will support this tax-exempt vehicle that is keeping Joe Sobran’s writing alive.

indent for 'pubnote'I don’t see this as a farewell, as I hope you will continue to be partners in promoting the past, present, and future works of that tremendous writer, Joe Sobran.

indent for 'pubnote'May God bless you for your loyal support.

  Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fran Griffin

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