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Pedophilia and Hypocrisy

May 8, 2001

I guess I hit a nerve. When I wrote, a few weeks ago, of my disgust with the homosexual movement, I got a barrage of mail accusing me of being “ignorant.” One correspondent spelled it igorant.

Oddly enough, nobody bothered telling me exactly what I was ignorant of. None was able to point out factual errors in what I’d written. These were just people who assume that anyone who disagrees with them, or disapproves of their sanitation-defying deviancy, must be “ignorant.” (Or “igorant.”)

My chief point was that the major homosexual organizations have never repudiated pedophilia. On the contrary, the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a regular participant in “gay” events.

This stands to reason. On what grounds would one category of perverts oppose another — especially when the two categories overlap?

If I am “ignorant,” it must be because I overlooked a multitude of “gay” denunciations of child molesters. But if such denunciations have been forthcoming over the years, why has nobody called them to my attention?

[Breaker quote: Why cynical 
stereotypes deserve respect]One could easily get the opposite impression. Why have the “gay” groups been so avidly targeting children? They want little kids to be taught homosexual propaganda and even sexual techniques in public schools — remember the notorious Heather Has Two Mommies? Under homosexual pressure, one liberal private school in Manhattan has just announced that it will no longer observe Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. The principal explained to parents that “families in our society are now diverse and varied” and therefore “the recognition of these holidays in a social setting may not be a positive experience for all children.” Such as Heather.

The homo groups, who demand “tolerance” for themselves but show very little toward others, harbor a particular animosity toward the Boy Scouts. Can’t they leave anything alone? No. Especially children. They make homosexual scoutmasters a top priority, with no consideration — with, in fact, sheer contempt — for parents who worry about their young sons. You could almost get the impression that these groups want boys exposed to homo men, couldn’t you?

Just as homo literature equates the normal aversion to homosexuality (“homophobia”) with bigotry, it equates opposition to pedophilia with “racism.” In England, homo groups constantly militate for lowering the age of consent for sexual acts. The movement’s bible is the Kinsey Report, which vastly overstated the number of homosexuals in the population — preposterously putting it at 10 per cent — and offered detailed research, from direct observation, on sexual experiments on children.

Meanwhile, the “mainstream” news media, which play down even murders of boys by pedophiles, never mention the pedophile component of the movement. That would be “reactionary,” like pointing out Communist participation in “liberal” causes a generation ago. The “progressive” etiquette code forbids noticing such things. (It does however permit, even require, reporting the participation of, say, white supremacists in conservative causes.)

As NAMBLA attests, pedophilia is no longer a love that dare not speak its name. But NAMBLA’s allies are still slightly restrained by discretion and don’t yet want to advertise the entirely predictable connection between homo militancy and pedophile militancy. And as long as the media won’t deal with Pedophilia, Inc., they are doing their part to keep the public ignorant. There’s no need for the pedophiles to stay in the closet when ignorance is sustained by the people who are supposed to be dispelling it.

For many years I was indeed ignorant. I am somewhat less so now, having opened my eyes to the obvious. And I’m sure that if I spent more time reading the homo literature, I’d notice many more things that aren’t meant for prying eyes.

As Samuel Johnson once observed, “No man is a hypocrite in his pleasures.” But many men are hypocrites when it comes to defending their pleasures, especially the illicit ones. The porn consumers used to insist: “I only buy it for the articles.” The pedophiles insist that they only want children to be sexually “liberated” for the kids’ sake.

Far more often than polite society wants to admit, stereotypes and cynical suspicions are correct. Some of the worst liars afoot are those who, in the name of fighting “ignorance,” want to “raise your consciousness.”

Joseph Sobran

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