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November 2005
Volume 12, Number 11

Editor: Joe Sobran
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  -> The War on Innocence
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"Reactionary Utopian" Columns Reprinted in This Issue


The War on Innocence
(page 1)

     Of all the subjects I write about, abortion is the 
most unpleasant, even more revolting than war. To this 
day I can hardly believe that many civilized people 
accept the killing of innocent human beings as a right 
that ought to be protected, even subsidized, by the 
state. In war at least the victims may have a chance to 
defend themselves, and even to act with heroism. Abortion 
is so much bleaker that it's depressing to contemplate. 
For me it will always be a sickening horror.

     It doesn't help that abortion is justified by 
specious arguments, as well as absurd slanders on its 
opponents, who merely maintain what was a moral consensus 
not long ago. In various ways, the anti-abortion people 
are called "extremists" -- as if killing the innocent 
weren't itself a fanatical cause. Even as the value of 
the "fetus" is denigrated, and the plain word "kill" is 
carefully avoided, we're told that choosing to abort is a 
"difficult," "painful," or "wrenching" decision, and most 
doctors won't perform abortions. These facts tell you 
what the consciences of even abortion advocates really 
say. The practice can't be justified without hypocrisy.

     The lying extends to the political claim that 
abortion is protected by the U.S. Constitution. This is 
so obviously false that it's discouraging to have to 
pretend that anyone really believes it. Not only does the 
text say nothing about abortion; in 1973 the U.S. Supreme 
Court, then dominated by liberals, struck down the 
abortion laws of all 50 states, implying that =all= those 
states had =always= misapplied the Constitution. This 
insults common sense; it would be plausible only if there 
had been, along the way, vocal minorities protesting 
those laws on constitutional grounds. But there never had 
been, and until 1973 even the most liberal justices had 
never taken such a position.

     Why did the Court suddenly adopt it then? Only, it 
was transparently clear, because the cause of legal 
abortion had just come into fashion, and the Court's 
liberals, with the notable exception of Byron White, were 
willing to achieve that result in any way they could, 
however disingenuously they had to argue. Law became 
lethal. In a flash, slaughtering the innocent became the 
American Way.

     The enormity of the ruling -- not only in morality, 
but in jurisprudence -- didn't sink in for a while. Even 
those who were stunned by it were caught off guard by 
this coup, a plain usurpation of the powers reserved to 
the states. Resistance took several forms, all 
unavailing: protests, physical interference with abortion 
clinics, proposed constitutional amendments (as if the 
Constitution were the problem!), and political action to 
reverse the decision (chiefly by the hopelessly 
roundabout way of electing conservative Republicans).

     As far as I can recall, nobody so much as suggested 
impeaching members of the Court, or even executive 
measures to make the ruling ineffectual. The Court's coup 
was given legitimacy by the passivity of the American 
public as well as its political and religious leadership. 
The abortion fanatics took the high ground they have held 
ever since.

     It would be wonderful if this curse could pass. For 
one thing, I'd never have to write about it again.

Publisher's Note
(page 2)

Dear Loyal Subscriber,

     Our annual SOBRAN'S Charter Subscriber party was held 
the first weekend in December. It was a joyful occasion 
at the charming Maggiano's Little Italy in Virginia. 
Thanks to all of our benefactors who made the 11th 
anniversary party possible.

     Accomplished author and friend of SOBRAN'S, Tom 
Bethell, attended the event with his latest book -- THE 
Publishing, Inc.). It is a marvelous book and a favorite 
of Joe's. You can buy it at

     Another book showcased was NEO-CONNED! JUST WAR 
(available at The book includes essays 
by Joe Sobran, Tom Fleming of CHRONICLES magazine, Pat 
Buchanan, Charley Reese, and Sam Francis. It is the first 
in a two-volume anthology on the Iraq war.

     Michael Peroutka, the Constitution Party candidate 
for president in 2004, took his lead in his address 
"Let's Not be Foolish" from American humorist Josh 
Billings: "It ain't what a man don't know that makes him 
a fool; it's the things he does know that ain't so."

     Writer and political activist Peter Gemma, talked 
about the new book he is editing for the Fitzgerald 
CULTURE WAR. Pat Buchanan is writing the Foreword and Joe 
Sobran is penning the Afterword.

     In attendance were a number of luminaries, including 
another presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, 
Howard Phillips, who had inspired Mr. Peroutka's 
candidacy, as well as that of Frank Creel, who challenged 
Congressman Tom Davis (R-Va.) in 2002. Dr. Creel gave an 
eloquent introduction of Joe Sobran, who gave us a warm 
and moving address.

     I announced that we have a book and a booklet in the 
works right now. The book is titled THE ESSENTIAL JOE 
SOBRAN and will comprise major essays by Joe from 
sources from 1972 to the present. It will be a large 
volume and a handsome addition to your collection.

     The booklet is REGIME CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME. It is 
the second in our series of pocket-sized quotation 
booklets and will include excerpts from SOBRAN'S. Both 
will be released early in 2006. We will keep you posted 
on how to obtain both them and CDs and DVDs of our 

     The Rev. Matthew Mitas of St. Louis, Missouri, led 
the opening prayer and the Rev. Kenneth Baker, editor of 
HOMILETIC AND PASTORAL REVIEW, said the closing prayer.

     Joe persevered in 2005 through a very tough year for 
his health. He is one of God's instruments of the truth 
who is able to enlighten us and dispel some of our 
blindness. How blessed we are to have such a lamp to show 
us the way in these chaotic times!

     Joe will be celebrating his 60th birthday on 
February 23, 2006. We have engaged a hall in Falls 
Church, Virginia, and are planning a party for him. How 
would you like to help by being a sponsor of the event? 
See the insert included in this newsletter if you want to 
help out or attend.

          Wishing you a blessed Christmas happy new year,

          Fran Griffin

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