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 Prospects for 2008 

January 23, 2007 
Presidential hopefulsBefore you pull that lever for Barack Obama, latest darling of the liberal media, ask yourself a simple question: At this point in our history, Today's column is "Prospects for 2008" -- Read Joe's columns the day he writes them.can we afford to bestow the nation’s highest office on a suicide bomber?

Presidential hopefulsI know, I know. The Clinton camp is denying it had anything to do with the story ascribed to them by Insight magazine, an offshoot of the Moonie-owned Washington Times, that Obama attended a radical Muslim school in his formative years. And if you believe that, I have some choice real estate in downtown Baghdad you may be interested in.

Presidential hopefulsThis story has “Clinton” written all over it. Which is not to say it’s necessarily false. These people know how to dig up dirt on their opponents. That’s the devilish part of it. We can’t dismiss the possibility that Obama, if elected, would self-destruct at the very moment of his inauguration, taking the Chief Justice and other dignitaries with him.

Presidential hopefulsBefore you call me prejudiced, ask yourself honestly if you would feel entirely at ease boarding an airliner with this guy. How does he even get through airport security with a name like Barack Hussein Obama? Half the people who check you out at the airport look like al-Qaeda operatives anyway.

Presidential hopefulsYes, the 2008 presidential race is already in full swing. And these are some of the thorny issues the American voter will have to face in the months ahead.

Presidential hopefulsThere are other issues to consider. Just what are Hillary’s qualifications for the presidency, anyway? If having been Bill Clinton’s main squeeze qualifies you, why not Monica Lewinsky? Since we last heard from her, she has been studying at the prestigious London School of Economics. So much for the idea that she is a silly floozy. She has acquired undeniable gravitas. All she needs now is an exploratory committee. She already has the chief qualification for a world leader: name recognition.

Presidential hopefulsObama has other problems. Al Sharpton points out that he is not really “black,” in the sense that none of his ancestors were slaves. At least not in America. Nor has Obama taken a position on the Duke University lacrosse team and Tawana Brawley, or whoever she is.

[Breaker quote for Prospects for 2008: Presidential hopefuls galore]Presidential hopefulsBill Richardson, a governor, has also entered the race, claiming to be Hispanic. So has John Edwards, though, uniquely among Democratic presidential hopefuls, he doesn’t claim to be anything, except maybe an Iowan.

Presidential hopefulsOn the Republican side, several dozen candidates have announced plans to form exploratory committees. All of them are white males, claiming only a single qualification: none of them is named Bush. One admits that his name is McCain, and he has set himself apart from all the others by urging that more young Americans be sent to Iraq. When the incumbent leaves office, American troops will still be there and Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell will still be at war. Trump is a Sunni, O’Donnell a Shi’ite. Can’t we all just get along? Not just yet.

Presidential hopefulsOne issue unites all the candidates of both parties: Nobody wants to revive the U.S. Constitution. For those voters who may be interested (a tiny splinter of the electorate), the quaintly named Constitution Party will be on the ballot in some states. If it wins, the U.S. Supreme Court will overrule the election as unconstitutional. This may seem paradoxical, unless you consider that the entire Constitution grossly violates the Fourteenth Amendment.

Presidential hopefulsIf Hillary wins the presidency, an old principle will kick in: Buy one, get one free. Buy Hillary, and they’ll throw Bill in with her. Not only that, but we’ll get some of that White House furniture back. No other candidate can match this offer. Of course we should demand a pledge that she won’t let Bill rent out the Lincoln Bedroom this time.

Presidential hopefulsIn addition, Hillary may have trouble getting her agenda through Congress. Even when the Democrats controlled it, it rejected her national health-care plan. So with a larger Republican majority, she would probably fail again. A vote for Hillary may therefore be a vote for gridlock, which is about the best we can realistically hope for now.

Presidential hopefulsIt has been observed that not since 1976 have we had an election with neither a Bush nor a Clinton on either party’s ticket. Think about that.

Joseph Sobran

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