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March 20, 2008
A reprint from Griffin
Internet Syndicate
  •   The Man They Still Hate
After two millennia, there is only one man who is still hated.
March 13, 2008
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Perverted Judgment
The court says there’s nothing wrong with it, and no one is allowed to disagree.
March 6, 2008   •   A Great Spirit Gone
If he was your friend, you really had a friend.
March 4, 2008
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Are You a Marxist?
“Civil rights,” rather than limit the state, authorize new powers of intrustion.
February 28, 2008   •   Debts
The more we give thanks, the happier we are.
February 26, 2008
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   Blackmail in Politics
No reform can get rid of it.
February 21, 2008   •   Mr. Wonderful
Just another fake
February 19, 2008   •   Lincoln and His Legacy
Lincoln has much to do with the fact that his countrymen live in dread of their country.
February 12, 2008
A reprint from Universal
Press Syndicate
  •   The Mugging of Conservatism
It’s still the liberals’ country.
February 5, 2008   •   Darwin and la Difference
An impassable gulf
January 31, 2008   •   Real Change
Not yet posted
January 24, 2008   •   The Plague of the Teleocrats
Not yet posted
January 22, 2008   •   Bad Law
Not yet posted
January 17, 2008   •   Father Casey and Me
A small, loving joke, just between us
January 15, 2008   •   The Democrats
Imagine trying to explain to George Washington or Thomas Jefferson how this country adopted such monstrous deformations.
January 11, 2008   •   Men and Machines
Not yet posted
January 8, 2008   •   America’s “Moral Compromise”
Not yet posted

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