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 The Arab Solution 

April 16, 2007 
Arab SolutionNothing against Jackie Robinson, a great and brave ballplayer, and the anniversary of his arrival is giving all us white folks a delicious opportunity to feel virtuously bad about ourselves; but maybe it’s time for a little historical perspective.

Today's column is "The Arab Solution" -- Read Joe's columns the day he writes them.Arab SolutionThe Imus uproar — all over a single dumb, insulting wisecrack — points up a cultural fact of our times.

Arab SolutionThis is a country where Al Sharpton is “the Reverend” Al Sharpton, a Christian clergyman to whom contrition and forgiveness are equally alien, and a “civil rights leader,” forsooth; while Huckleberry Finn is banned in schools. What else do you need to know about America today?

Arab SolutionLet’s go back a few centuries. More than a millennium, if you have a minute.

Arab SolutionThis country has a race problem and the Arab world doesn’t. Why? The Arabs, mostly Muslims, had African slaves too. Yet many American blacks convert to Islam, because Christianity is allegedly a white man’s religion.

Arab SolutionThe Koran doesn’t forbid slavery. It says that Muslims can’t be slaves, but permits infidels to be enslaved. And for quite a while the Arabs who owned slaves made eunuchs of them. Eunuchs have low birth rates.

Arab SolutionLong-term result: Today there are no Jackie Robinsons or Al Sharptons in the Arab world. At least we don’t hear about them.

Arab SolutionThe white men who brought Africans to America as slaves wanted them to breed. They were also Christians, and though their Bible didn’t forbid slavery, they were a bit squeamish about castration. Both sides in our Civil War agreed about that. Otherwise, Huck Finn would have alluded to it.

Arab SolutionPretty simple, when you pause to think about it. If your ancestors were eunuchs, you may have real grounds for complaint; on the other hand, you probably don’t exist.

[Breaker quote for The Arab Solution: Al Sharpton, "civil rights leader"]Arab SolutionLong-term result: Today a large black population does exist in North America (and parts of Latin America), with racial problems the Arab world doesn’t have to deal with. Abe Lincoln foresaw this, and wanted to send free blacks out of the United States, a plain fact our historians are still evading and lying about.

Arab SolutionI wonder if Sharpton, who is less apologetic about his slanders than, say, Mike Nifong, would give Lincoln second thoughts about the Emancipation Proclamation. Oh, never mind. We have to be tolerant. Of everything, except of course Don Imus. Directing an apology to Sharpton was the most racist thing Imus did.

Arab SolutionIn a sense, the Arabs long ago “solved” their race problem, once and for all time, with the knife. But the Sharptons who accuse the white man of so many things never accuse the Arabs of genocide, let alone demand reparations from them.

Arab SolutionThose who freak out when Imus says “hos” should read The Arabian Nights. And I don’t mean the versions edited for kiddies. I mean the thigh-slappers about rich Arabs being cuckolded by black African slaves. I like a good laugh as much as the next man, but there are limits. No wonder slaves in Arabia were prudently mutilated.

Arab SolutionWhich is not to excuse American-style slavery, or the cruel humiliations that followed it. But there were worse things, and it behooves us, especially the liberals among us who enjoy harping on slavery, Jim Crow, and the fans whose taunts made Jackie Robinson’s life distressful, to think about some of them. Most of history’s saddest victims died unpitied, with no descendants, no memorials, and no liberal mourners.

Arab SolutionHow on earth did the Christian West get from St. Augustine to Sharpton, from Dante and Petrarch to rap musique? To liken Sharpton to Jesse Jackson is an insult to Jackson; to call him a walking racial stereotype is an insult to the stereotype. Could anyone do more to engender contempt for blacks than he does? He makes the Ku Klux Klan superfluous.

Arab SolutionWell, the armies of moral indignation have had their say. They got Imus’s scalp, and welcome to it. But it will be a Pyrrhic victory. They have defined the rules of public discourse, and from now on, millions who would never defend Imus will insist that these rules be enforced in ways they may not like.

Arab SolutionWe’ve already heard far too much about double standards this past week. But the rule Imus broke was the Great Minority Rule: “We can say it — you can’t.” That rule has now been exposed. And maybe even repealed.

Joseph Sobran

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